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These dice were designed to help artists approach art from a place of play and guide them to explore new subjects, mediums, design elements, and moods. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to want to create, but not know where to start. Use these dice to set you on your path, get over the art block, try new things, and (most importantly!) create art.

Dice can be played solo or you can duel it out with a friend. Roll one, two, three, or all four dice to give you a prompt. Set a timer for either 30 or 60 minutes to see what you can make. Share your work on Instagram and tag @artunblocks to be featured!

Every time you roll the dice, you are exploring and learning art vocabulary and upping your drawing skills, shape making, color choices, composition, and more.

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Roll the green dice to determine your subject matter. This is the “what” when looking at a piece of art. Possible rolls include landscape, portrait, figure, animal, abstract, or a still life. Click the button below to see different examples.


This is the “how?” when beginning your piece of art. This is a great way to try things you may not use a lot. If you roll something you don’t have, just roll your orange dice again. Don’t get bogged down and think, “I can’t create until I get these supplies!” Just roll again and keep the momentum going.


Although there are many elements of design in a single painting, rolling the pink dice will encourage you to be very intentional about your composition by choosing one element and zeroing in on what that means.


How do you create mood in your work? There are many ways to go about it—lighting and color are two popular ways. You can also use symbolism and composition to create a moving narrative. What do you think when you think of being happy, moody, sad, confident, dreamy, or restless? How would you express that with line? Color? Composition? Could you prepare the image with words that evoke that emotion?

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